Caffè Espresso BIO MONDO Caffè Espresso BIO MONDO

Espresso BIO MONDO

Refined espresso, organically grown, mellow in taste, yet strong and potent. 90% Arabica beans from Central America and 10% Robusta beans from Southeast Asia give this coffee blend a full body of flavours with subtle acidity. Coffee is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 100%.


90% Arabica - 10% Robusta



Suitable for:

traditional espresso machines

Suitable for:


packaging size:

250 g




Portafilter machine

Tamping is crucial for an optimum result when preparing coffee in the portafilter. Meant is the distribution and the tamping pressure of the coffee powder in the portafilter before it is turned into the brew group. A perfect espresso requires about 7 g of coffee powder for preparation. The optimum amount of liquid is 25 ml, whereby the hot water is pressed through the coffee powder at a pressure of 9 bars. This method of preparation gives a concentrated coffee with a hazelnut-coloured, dense "crema". It is served in a small conical cup made of thick porcelain, where its flavours develop best.


Espresso or mocha maker

For preparing in the espresso or mocha maker, depending on the capacity, fill with cold water up to the safety valve of the bottom chamber. Then fill the funnel with the filter plate with finely ground coffee powder and spread uniformly, do not press. Insert the funnel into the water heating vessel and screw together with the coffee collector. The water is heated; this generates steam, which presses the hot water through the funnel. That’s where the water meets the coffee powder and flows into the coffee collector via the coffee pipe as fragrant espresso coffee. The pressure building up in the bottom chamber goes up to about 1.5 to 3 bars. Enjoyed as an espresso or as a base for many coffee specialities such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or caffè latte, this preparation method is very popular.


Schreyögg coffee fairtrade organic coffee Schreyögg coffee fairtrade organic coffee
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