Filterkaffee GOLD Filterkaffee GOLD

Filterkaffee GOLD

The premium coffee for any time of day. An extremely aromatic filter coffee blend with a light subtle acidity. 100% Arabica beans from the best locations in Central America and East Africa give this composition its fine notes of mocha and its full and enveloping flavour.


100% Arabica



Suitable for:

filter coffee machines

Suitable for:

French Press

packaging size:

1000 g




Filter coffee machine

In the filter coffee machine, the coffee powder is brewed with water of about 92 to 96°C and filtered through a filter. From paper or microfilters to gold-plated, ceramic or stainless-steel filters, there is a large range of filters. The filter paper and the grind size should be adjusted to each other. Ideally brewing takes 4 to 6 minutes. Filter coffee is as popular as ever – in particular, as a breakfast coffee or for a break during the day.


French press

To prepare coffee in the French press, about 6 g of ground coffee – a medium-coarse grind is recommended – are put into the pre-heated pot and a little water of about 92 to 96°C is poured over it and slowly stirred in. After brief swelling the remaining water is added and stirred with the coffee again. Then the lid is put on and the plunger is pressed down slightly to hold the coffee powder under the water. After an extraction time of about 3 to 5 minutes – depending on the desired strength – the plunger is slowly and evenly pressed down. This leaves the coffee grounds under the plunger, and the coffee is ready to be poured right out of the pot.


Chemex coffee maker

When coffee is made using the conically shaped Chemex coffee maker, it flows through a special Chemex filter, which is firmer than conventional paper filters and folded in three layers towards the spout of the pot. The contact time of the coffee and the water is quite a bit longer, so that the flavours are extracted evenly. The result is a distinctive, rather full-bodied taste. For the Chemex® you should use a medium-fine ground, light roasted coffee blend. After the so-called “blooming”, which means that the coffee powder is moistened with water of about 90°C and left to swell for 30 seconds, the actual brewing process starts. In circular movements the hot water is slowly poured while maintaining a constant level. An extraction time of up to 8 minutes makes this type of brewing a ceremony for the special coffee gourmet.


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